Stable, Scalable, Reliable Solar Power

Take control of your energy future and shift to a sustainable energy solution.  We have experience deploying photovoltaic panels, inverters, power distribution systems and battery backup systems.

Our trained installers, help residential, commercial, and industrial customers make the switch to renewable energy. With stable, scalable, and reliable solar applications you can reduce your carbon footprint and save!

Whether Grid Tie, Off-Grid, Energy Storage or for EV Charging, harnessing the energy from the sun can be the perfect power solution.

Partnering with Charge Solar, we can custom design a system that works for your needs and your budget, providing you with up-to-date, knowledgeable facts on the current power alternatives for your business, home, or cottage.

We Service Water-Accessible Properties

Northern Ontario with its remote lakes provides getaway opportunities in many beautiful remote and rugged locations…it’s what we love about the area!  But how do you power your remote cottage, camp, or bunkie? It’s extremely expensive to run overhead or submarine hydro cables in these out of the way areas.  Solar power, with generator backup for low sunlight times, is a viable alternative and continues to improve in both efficiency and affordability.

AGE offers service to properties only accessible by water.  Through licensed and insured boat operation, we bring mainland resources to you to complete any project.

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