Save Money With Modern Lighting

In the past few years, advances in lighting technology have moved at a rapid pace, which is good news for you. At A.G. Electric Ltd., we pay close attention to the new developments and are perfectly equipped to install state of the art LED lighting, energy efficient lighting, and home automation equipment that adjust lighting levels automatically.

The benefit of this new technology is that while initial expenses may be higher, the long term cost is actually much lower. Combined with an expert lighting installation or upgrade from A.G. Electric Ltd., your space will receive quite a few benefits, from better light quality to lowered energy consumption–with first-class lighting installation that will stand up for many years to come.

Maintenance And Repair of Existing Lighting

In addition to new lighting fixtures and upgrades, the team of electricians at A.G. Electric Ltd. is also available to handle other tasks as well, such as maintenance and repair of outdoor, pool, or parking lot lighting. With access to a wide range of lighting fixture providers, we’ll help you find the exact models you need for your home or business.

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Lighting installation performed by AGE.
Lighting installation at a remote cottage location.